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Getting Started...

SiteSpinner provides many advanced features and operations. To help you get started building your website quickly, we have developed a number of interactive hands-on tutorials. On this page we cover:

Important first steps
How to use these tutorials
Basic topics
Advanced topics
Mobile topics
Animation topics
Help when you need it

Important first steps

Load these tutorials, in their original form, at any time from the menu bar top of your SiteSpinner workpage by selecting Help > Load Tutorials (as you may have just done!).

We suggest you do a preview all  now. Use the double-page spyglass button on the top toolbar (illustrated to the left), or the hot key F8. This builds all the tutorial pages to your computer. You can then view the pages for these tutorials in a browser window while you work on your own pages.

Without a preview all, you may get "page not found" errors if you click on any links -- the page you are linking to will not have been built, and so does not exist. The alphabetic index pages won't work either.

How to use these tutorials

We have designed these tutorials to work within the SiteSpinner work-window. Feel free to modify them -- you are working with a copy, so even if you save your changes, you will not upset the originals.

We suggest this way of using these tutorials:
Or instead of working on the tutorial pages, work directly on your own project.

If you are new to SiteSpinner, we suggest that you now begin with the first few of the Basic topics and then visit the other tutorials that are appropriate for whatever task you wish to accomplish. If you are a more advanced user, go wherever you like!

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Basic Topics

Click on the links below to view examples and step-by-step instructions on how to create, edit and publish your pages and projects.

In contrast to regular links, you can click on these from within the workpage, and move quickly to the page concerned, staying with the workpage layout.

The Big Picture
Overview of web pages and SiteSpinner Pro's role
Your First Project
For a quick introduction
Fast Start
Create your very first basic two-page project
The Workpage
Use the workpage to set up your web pages
Publishing Your Project
How to publish your finished pages
Setting up Windows FTP
How to set Windows to upload your pages
Images Introduction
Introduction to images
Shapes Introduction
Introduction to rectangles, ellipses, polygons and curves
Adding Text
Add formatted blocks of text
Making Links
Make hyperlinks between your pages
Adding Titles
Add titles as image files
Adding Images
Add and modify pictures
Special Effects Introduction
Introduction to special effects - mouse overs
Templates Introduction
Introduction to the built-in templates and clip art
Meaning of terms used in these tutorials
What Next?
Links for more help and information
Advanced Topics

Click on the links below to view further examples and step-by-step instructions on how to create and edit your pages and projects. It will help to already have a reasonable knowledge of what is in the basic topics.

You can also click on these from within the workpage, and move quickly to the page concerned, staying with the workpage layout.
Making Bookmarks
Link to a specific point in a page
Page Centering and Sizing
Horizontal centering; relative positioning and sizing
Adding Code
Import HTML, scripts, or any type of code
Creating Straight Shapes
Creating shapes: rectangles and polygons
Creating Curvy Shapes
Creating shapes: ellipses, circles and curves
Page Settings
Meta tags, headers, and page backgrounds
Linking to PDF Files
Add PDF files to your pages
Page Templates
Make a template to help in creating new pages
Special Effects
Mouse over and other special effects
Making Buttons
Simple buttons and mouse overs on buttons
Drop-down menus
Add drop-down menus to your pages
Forms Introduction
Introduction to the basic elements of forms
Using Forms
Some practical uses for forms
Form Mail Scripts
Files on your site to process your form data
Create i-frames and change their contents
Making, retrieving from backups and backup disasters
Information about the various preview options
Use tables to lay out repetitive data and for decoration
Embed File or Media
Import audio, video and other formats
Objects and Components
Objects are the main elements of a web page
Manipulating Objects
Select, move and transform objects
Mobile topics
The following topics cover the mobile design features of SiteSpinner Pro:
Mobile Design Introduction
Objectives in designing pages for mobile devices
Mobile pages
Fast Start -- Mobiles

For a quick introduction to Mobile design
Mobile Development
How to build pages for mobile devices
Animation Topics
The following topics cover the animation features of SiteSpinner Pro:
Action Editor
Making objects move
Behavior Editor
Define how an object behaves based on other factors
Key Frame Editor
Working with frames in an animated sequence of events
Key Frame Image Example
Animate an image step-by-step
Use sound with your objects
Show and Hide Examples
Make objects visible and invisible
Drag and Drop Example
Allow objects to be dragged and dropped
Help when you need it

You are never on your own. When you need help, the first place to start is with the SiteSpinner Community Forums. You will find a wealth of information from experienced users and novices alike, and the forums are monitored by us daily: Visit the SiteSpinner Community Forums.

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