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Templates Introduction

SiteSpinner includes a number of quality templates. We have designed them to help you get started building your website quickly.

There are personal home-page templates, company templates and hobby templates.

Open them through the File > Open Template ... menu. You can preview each one in mini-page form by clicking the arrow buttons under the preview panel to the right of the Open as Template window.

Edit them to suit your needs and add your own content.  Then select "Publish" to put your new site live onto your web-host.
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In the ClipArt folder, there is another set of templates as .ims project files. These are related to shapes and buttons. You can also browse to these through the File > Open Template menu. Instructions on how to use them are contained in the project files themselves.

All the images for these tutorials live in the Tutorial/Media folder. There's not much there of value for your projects. More useful stuff is in the ClipArt folder. And of course there is always the Web itself - the largest possible source of images.

When modifying a page from a template, and to help your exploration, you may want to unlock everything with the keyboard shortcut Alt+U. Also, it may be helpful to ungroup objects that are grouped.

Your own template page
After you have modified one of the templates by adding your own touches to it, you can use that as a template for the other pages in your project.
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