Text Objects

Naturally you will want to add text to your web project, and SiteSpinner™ not only makes it easy to do but also gives you a generous palette of tools you can use to make your text appear just the way you want it.

Text provides many of the formatting features you will find in most word processors. These include: font faces, font sizes, justification, bolding, bullets etc. The Text Editor dialog box also provides the ability to assign hyperlinks within the text. Formatted text is consequently best suited for creating large blocks of text.

Enter and format your text using the Text Editor in Text Edit Mode. (One way to tell if you’re in Text Edit Mode is that the Format Selection drop-down menu reads “Rich Text.” For more information, see Toolbar.) You can enter text directly into the Text Editor, or you can paste text from other applications or open an *.rtf or *.txt text file in the Text Editor. You can even open HTML files, and the Text Editor will change automatically from Text Edit Mode to Code Edit Mode. (For more information, see Text Editor Dialog Box (Code Edit Mode).)

When you save and close the Text Editor, your text appears wrapped at the right boundary of the text object in the Work Window. The initial size of the text object is calculated to fit all the text; however, you can click and drag any of the six black control points on the object boundary to resize the object box, and the text will re-wrap accordingly. Increase the width of the bounding box to fit more text on a line, or decrease the width to reduce the number of words per line.

You may click the object itself and drag it to any position on the page. You can shade the object as you desire using the Shading Editor. For more information, see Shading Component.

You cannot scale, skew, or rotate text objects in Text Edit Mode. If you want to apply these effects to text, change to Title Edit Mode by selecting Title from the Format Selection drop-down list. For more information, see Text Editor Dialog Box (Title Edit Mode).

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