Auto Scroll

If the text object contains a quantity of text that exceeds the desired dimensions of the text box, you may wish to add a vertical and/or horizontal scrollbar, so that your users can scroll down or across to see all of it. Do so by enabling the Auto-Scroll option (Format>Use Auto Scroll Box or click the Auto-Scroll button in the Text Editor toolbar). If you do not enable the Auto-Scroll option, the text will use as much space as is required to display it completely.

If you are importing text to add to your page, and you know that quantity of imported text will be a lot, you can enable the Auto-Scroll option first and then paste your text in the Text Editor. When you save and close the Text Editor, the text will appear in a box sized 400x400 pixels. Of course you can open the Text Editor at any time and add a scrollbars to any text object whose dimensions are small enough to warrant them.

The scrollbars will not be visible in the Work Window. To see scrollbars applied to a text object, open the page in the Preview Window or publish the page.

In older browsers, such as Netscape 4, the scrollbar will not be visible. In those browsers the text will be truncated at the bottom boundary of the text box.

You can drag/drop or paste text from another application onto the Work Window. It will appear as unformatted, plain text (10 pt Courier New). Open the Text Editor dialog box to reformat it as you please.

If the scrollbar does not appear in the Preview Window or in the published project, and you have verified that you enabled the Auto Scroll option, check to make sure the boundaries of the text object box do not extend beyond the Guide Border (of your target display resolution) in the Work Window. If the boundaries of the text object do extend beyond the Guide Border either vertically or horizontally, the scrollbar will not be visible.

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