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IMS Web Engine lets you create Web pages that include event-driven animations. It uses DHTML and JavaScript to provide dramatic interactive pages that come to life via simple timing mechanisms and mouse events. Looking like a cross between a photo editor and a visual programming interface, it includes a number of point-and-click tools that enable you to insert text, images, and shapes and to define object triggers and animation techniques. Other features include audio support; zoom support; custom background color; target resolution selection; a text, HTML, and Rich Text editor; and much more. You can easily preview your work in your default Web browser to monitor your progress. IMS Web Engine is a powerful, complicated program with an appropriately steep learning curve, but online help and an excellent tutorial get you started.

Reviewer Comments to Author :

Program Pros
* Online help
* Powerful program
* Excellent results
* Text edtor
* Custom target resolution

Program Cons
* None

Interessenten aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum finden einen zweiseitigen Workshop zur IMS WebEngine in der Ausgabe 12/98 der PC-Online.

Der Artikel kann als PDF- Datei. heruntergeladen werden

5 rates for the best DHTML-Designer i know until today

Gesamt-Eindruck ein sehr gutes Toll zum erstellen von DHTML-Seiten
Programm-Design einfach, ubersichtlich nicht immer einsichtig
Bedienungskomfort nutz nicht alle Moglichkeiten von Windows
Funktionalitat alles, was sie fur dynamsiche Seiten benotigen
der Redaktion

Was die Entwickler diese Tools ihnen unter DHTML fur Browser ab Version von 4.0 zur Verfugung stellen ist wirklich hervorragend und auBergewohlich. Sie mussen sich zwar erst an der ungewohlichen Programmfuhrung gewohnen, sie konnen aber alles grafisch erledigen. Interaktivitat ist die starkste und beeindruckenst Moglichkeit diese Programmes. Sie konnen nicht nur Aktionen auslosen, sie konnen den einzelnen Geschehen auch Werte und Variablen zu ordnen, so das sie Ereignisse bei ganz bestimmten Zustaanden zuordnen konnen. Am besten schauen sie sich die
Beispiele im Netz an.

Alan Oskvarek

If you are involved in creating a web site or a corporate presentation, you should try IMS Web Engine. IMS (Interactive Multimedia System) is an application for creating both HTML 3.2 and Dynamic HTML 4.0+ web pages/presentations. This is done in the most simple way possible, "WYSIWYG drag-n-drop" interface. In a few minutes, after the very easy installation, you will able to create your web page or other presentation. They will look like a professional did them.

Controling animations is accomplished in several unique ways. One animation is able to interact with the path of another animation, mouse events, timing, and countless other methods. When you start to use this program, let your imagination run wild, simply because IMS will help make your creative ideas into reality. Make sure to check out the authors web page for even more ideas.

The one feature that rates real good for me is the ability to see your presentation in HTML 3 and HTML 4. You are able to design your work so it looks good regardless what browser the user has. Import Rich text, html, or plain text and IMS will convert it. Other uses include creating active buttons.

IMS Web Engine will gather all the files of the project and publish them on your web server. The authors are still adding features, even as I write this review, so check back on their page for updates or to request a new feature.

At the very least, you should get the demo of this program and try it. You will undoubtably enjoy it and wonder how you got along with out it.

Slaughterhouse PICK OF THE DAY 1/29/99.
Andover Network

What's your favorite HTML editor? Macromedia DreamWeaver? NetObjects Fusion? Allaire HomeSite? Microsoft FrontPage? There must be 1,001 different editors on the market today yet those four bad boys receive nearly all the attention. Open any computer magazine and you're bound to find at least a little review or news article about one of them. For many people those programs aren't a feasible option. They can be expensive (DreamWeaver and Fusion are several hundred bucks), and they're not exactly the easiest programs in the world to install and work with.

No one will argue that Fusion and its ilk are great tools for professional Web designers, but what about new users interested in creating a cool personal page or a small business site? That's the segment of the market where ease of use and price become predominant factors and a program like IMS Web Spinner starts looking attractive. Not only is IMS Web Spinner inexpensive (about $30) but, and I mean this in a positive way, it's about the closest thing I've seen to NetObjects Fusion Jr. IMS Web Spinner uses a visual layout and WYSIWYG type interface for designing and working with pages. Most of the actual HTML code is hidden out of view. All you need to worry about is selecting items you want on the page, then positioning them in the layout you want. You can quickly add animations and events, including mouse-over effects with out having the slightest idea of how JavaScript or DHTML works. Just highlight the object you want to work with, then bring up its properties and use a simple set of check boxes to set up actions for it.

IMS Web Spinner also includes a powerful text editor that which supports several different formats including plain text, Rich Text, and HTML. Files can be switched between formats instantly as well as be imported or exported in a flash. You can write an article in MS Word, then import it as Rich Text into IMS Web Spinner for easy addition into your Web page. That way you receive the inherent benefits of Word (spell checking, word count, etc.) with no added burden when it comes time to move it to the Web. Basic image editing and graphics functions are included in Web Spinner. You can import most popular graphic file formats to use on your site or use the built-in editor to create new stuff such as buttons that can be textured or have mouse-over effects applied to them.

As a long time user of NetObjects Fusion, I felt right at home using IMS Web Spinner. It utilizes the same type of layout and design philosophy and turns out to be a surprisingly competent program. Sure, it has a few rough edges and there are some features that could be improved, such as better support of new file format types. But when you examine the overall picture IMS Web Spinner comes out ahead. Its low cost, visual editing, and ease of use make up for any minor problems you may encounter.

Unsolicited testimonials
James Moore
Becky Users Resources

This program has the best feature for creating animation that I have found. I use Dreamweaver on a regular basis and track the code with Homesite. I have found quite a few features, well new to me, that are very nice but the DHTML and animation are special.

Ernst Juul Petersen
Drivers License Tests (Danish)

Downloaded IMS Studio 2 hours ago. Already made my first pages. It's just too easy to use, - Great work. IMS Studio is just what is needed to get productivity up, making my educational sites. Much faster than coding, - and great results.

Jim Starke

I am totally impressed by the beta. I have only had a chance to play with it for the first time today. I was amazed how easily I created object actions of sweeping text and objects in and around the page and adding sound. This goes way beyond the abilities of Frontpage and Pagemill.















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