Our Affiliate Program pays 20%

We have implemented a new marketing program that pays 20% of the Gross sales price of IMS Web Engine and IMS Web Spinner to our Affiliates. This extremely aggressive program is designed to encourage our Affiliates to actively promote and distribute our products. We have designed the program to ensure that our affiliates will be credited for sales based on their effort. At 20%, the program is far more generous than just about any other affiliate program and has the potential to generate significant financial returns to its participants. For example, at today's price, 100 copies of IMS Web Engine will generate almost $2000 US while 1000 copies will generate nearly $20,000 US.

Who is eligible to join?
To be eligible, you must have your own web site and must be legally eligible to participate in this program in the country and state in which you reside.

How does it work?
When you register, we will arrange to set up a unique sales page for you. When a customer makes a purchase at your assigned web page, you will be notified by e-mail for your records. You will need to set up a link from your web site to the sales page.

How do I get credit if a user wants a trial copy and later decides to purchase without revisiting my site?
We have incorporated a special feature into the program so that when a potential customer downloads a trial copy of the program from your web site, they will still link to your sales page if they decide to purchase the program. All you need to do is edit a text file within the Zip File to change a URL link to your page. When the user installs the program, your URL link will be registered with the program so that the Purchase Button will link to your sales page.

How much will this cost me?
Nothing, joining the program is free. There are no charges. To be successful however, you should promote and advertise your web site. We are providing a 20% return to encourage you to actively participate in promoting our products.

How and when do I get paid?
We will make every effort to send our checks within 1 month following the month in which the sales were made. Checks will be in US funds and drawn on a US bank.

Are there any conditions or restrictions?
Yes. We will insist on honest sales and promotion practices. No Spamming, no false or misleading advertising, no offers or promises that you can not fully support will be tolerated. Other than that, you are pretty well free to promote and distribute in any fashion you feel appropriate.

How do I join?
Send an email to affiliates@VirtualMechanics.com with "JOIN" as the subject. Include:

Company Name, if available
Web Site URL,
Authorized Contact name , required
Contact e-mail address , required

Affiliate Sales Program
Affiliate Sales Program













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