IMS Web Tips is a news letter for web site managers regardless of experience who were looking for detailed information on creating, maintaining and promoting their web sites.

Whether you use a WYSIWYG HTML editor or edit your HTML directly, we hope you will find detailed tips, tricks, code and more that is invaluable in your effort to develop and maintain the best web sites on the Internet. Typical topics include: "Creating a Drop Menu", "Special HTML characters", "Creating Meta Tags", "Search Engine Ranking", "Introduction to DHTML" and much more. A reader question section addresses issues of special interest to our subscribers. See our back issues for a list of recent topics.


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Virtual Mechanics offers DHTML tools and information, and also publishes a web tips ezine with lots of great ideas, snippets of code, and HTML and DHTML tutorials for any webmaster, regardless of experience.

Michel Fortin, Ph.D.
Editor of the Internet Marketing Chronicles


Can I just say how easy to understand and relatively jargon-less your newsletter is. I am a marketing bod with minimal web design knowledge who wished I had had your tips before we constructed our web site originally. Now working on our 2nd generation, which has taken some time to be progressed after getting 'on-line' 18 months ago I believe your hints have made the job much slicker and swifter.

Many thanks.

Marketing Executive


As you know, there are a good many newsletters treating web design and general computer/Internet information. You can be sure, your newsletter is the best. The format is clean, the information is straightforward and timely. Keep up the great work.

Best wishes,
Thomas V.
CEO - PanTel Communications

Hi and thanks for a very clear, informative and useful ezine.


Part of the
TuCats Web Design network

Please let me take the opportunity to praise your recently received IMS Web Tips Newsletter by e-mail. I learned a lot from 'How-To-Hide-Your-HTML-Code' and particularly from the excellently written article 'Search-Engine-Positioning'.
Thanks a lot! I'm looking forward to upcoming Tips Letters.

Best regards from

Lindesvärd, Leksand - Sweden
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