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The List Menu Object:
<a href="issue1.htm">issue 1</a>
<a href="issue2.htm">issue2</a>
<a href="issue3.htm">issue3</a>

Drop Menus are a feature of IMS Web Engine. IMS Web Spinner can produce a Mouse Over Effect which is close but not exactly the same. In either program, create a text Object with your links:

<a href="issue1.htm">issue 1</a>
<a href="issue2.htm">issue2</a>
<a href="issue3.htm">issue3</a>

The leading
<br> is included to force a blank line at the top of the list. This first line will be hidden under the Menu Bar. This Object has also been defined in Rich Text Format. If HTML format is used a <br> must also be included at the end of each link.

You can assign a background color to this list with the Shading Dialog. Select the Link List Object. Select the Shading Dialog (red, green and blue circles), use the sliders to mix a color or select a color or background picture with the appropriate button. An outline can be assigned with the Geometry Editor (Peeling Pattern button). Use the sliders to assign an outline color and thickness.

Create a Trigger Object. This goes on the Menu Bar and will trigger the drop menu when the mouse moves over it. It can also be a text object with or without shading or a Picture.

You may wish to give both Objects an easy to remember name. Right click the trigger Object to display the Object Editor. The current name of the Object (Obj1 is the default first Object name) will already be highlighted in the Object Name Box. Type your new name with no more than 9 characters. Something like "Trigger" for example. Exit the editor and right click the list Object.
Change the list Object name to "List" for example.

In IMS Web Engine, select the 'Mouse Trigger Effect' from the Wizard Menu. On page one, select the "Trigger" Object from the 'Existing' drop menu. On Page two select "List" Object from the 'Existing' drop menu. IMPORTANT, on page three be sure to check the 'Leave Display Object' check box.

Create a Menu Bar Object. In this example we Imported a small 10x10 blue rectangle then stretched it to create a horizontal menu bar. Position the "Trigger Object" over the blue Menu Bar and the "List" Object underneath with the top under the Trigger Object. If necessary, use the Arrange 'ToFront' command to move the "Trigger" Object in front of the Menu Bar and the 'ToBack' Arrange command to move the "List" Object behind the Menu Bar.

Preview the Drop Menu with the DHTML 4.0 Preview command.

IMS Web Spinner can be used to create a similar Drop Menu in the same way with the Mouse Over Wizard. The primary difference is the List menu will appear whenever the mouse moves over it and not over the "Trigger" Object.

Web Tips Issue 1
Web Tips Issue 2
Web Tips Issue 3

| Web Tips |

The Trigger Object:
| <a href="WebTips.htm">Web Tips</a> |

Assign a Shading Color to the List Object
The finished drop menu. Give it a try:
The Menu Bar. Scale and stretch as needed.

Web Tips is4fig1 is4fig2 is4fig3