This web page has been designed to work with a browser that supports Dynamic HTML or Cascading Style Sheets
Press "s" to start.
Press "s" to stop.

Special Effects on this Page

Fixed Background
Scroll the screen. The background will remain fixed.
Internet Explorer only.
Enter BGProperties="Fixed" into the <BODY> tag.

Dynamic Scrolling
Press the lower case "s" key to start the bird flying. The screen will automatically scroll to keep the bird in view. Press lower case "s" to stop.
The effect is created by calling 'window.scrollTo(x,y);' with the updated x,y coordinates of the bird. If the x,y, coordinate is not know, a similar effect can be created in Internet Explorer by calling 'object.ScrollintoView()' replacing object with the name of the DIV or Span object name.

Transition Effects
Link to page is4fig2, is4fig3 and return to this page to see three typical transition effects.
Internet Explorer only.
Add the Meta Tags:
<META http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="RevealTrans (Duration=5, Transition=0)">
<META http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="RevealTrans (Duration=5, Transition=1)">
Duration= transition time in seconds.
Tansition= the transition effect from 0 through 25. Possible effects are:
0 box in
1 box out
2 circle in
3 circle out
4 wipe up
5 wipe down
6 wipe left
7 wipe right
8 vertical blinds
9 horizontal blinds
10 checkerboard across
11 checkerboard down
12 random dissolve
13 split vertical in
14 split vertical out
15 split horizontal in
16 split horizontal out
17 stripes left down
18 stripes left up
19 stripes right down
20 stripes right up
21 random bars horizontal
22 random bars vertical
23 random


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