Text Box

A text box, or “field,” is a blank area where users can enter brief text input. Common uses of text boxes include obtaining a user’s First Name, Last Name, Address Line One, City, State, Email Address, Phone Number, etc.

Each text box input object should have its own unique name attribute. Otherwise when you process the form the data from one form field might get confused with that of another.

By default, text boxes contain a Value: the name “Text Box.” You can either clear the value (to make the text box blank), or overwrite it with your own default value or with a value that provides an example of the input you are looking for. Most often you will clear the value, and use a descriptive or instructive field label to prompt the user on what information to enter. Use a text object to provide the field label. (For more information, see Text Objects.)

From a design perspective, fields look best when they are a uniform length and are hard-aligned vertically along either their left or right edges. Remember too that it’s always better to group related fields (and other form controls) together (e.g., an address information group consisting of text box fields, dropdown lists, and submit and clear buttons).

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