Project Templates

SiteSpinner™ comes packaged with many different project templates in a variety of styles to help you get started designing your own web site. Each template includes clip-art graphics from the SiteSpinner™ ClipArt folder as well as vector graphics created in the program. There are personal, business, and hobby web page templates.

Find a template you like and open it in the Work Window (File>Open Template). (The default directory location of the project templates is …\Program Files\Virtual Mechanics\SiteSpinner V2\templates.) Tailor the template to suit your needs, and then select File>Save or File>Save As command to use the Save Current Document As dialog box to save the template as your own project file. For more information, see Saving Projects.

Opening templates does not affect the default open project directory. Only a copy is opened. This allows changes to be made without affecting the original.

Please note that templates may be used to create any number of web sites by registered SiteSpinner™ users, but they may not be copied, resold, or distributed in any fashion without the express permission of Virtual Mechanics. These templates remain the property of Virtual Mechanics, Inc. and may be used by registered users of Virtual Mechanics products.

Using a Project Template
  1. Select File>Open Template.

    The Open Template dialog box will open with a list of available templates.

  2. Double-click a template OR click to select a template, and then click the Open button.

    The project template will open in the Work Window.

  3. Edit the project template as desired.
  4. Save the project. For more information, see Save Current Document As Dialog Box.

    The original project template is unaffected and may be reused.

In the Open Template dialog box, you can preview the pages of a selected *.IMS file (if the function is supported by your Windows® operating system). With the Enable Preview checkbox selected, click to select an *.IMS file, and then click the forward and backward buttons to view thumbnail images of project template’s pages in the preview window.

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