Cut Page

When you cut a page, the page, its properties, and all of its objects are retained in the systemís temporary memory. It will remain there until you open the Page Editor, paste the page somewhere else in the project, or select another page to cut or copy.

If you paste a cut page, it will appear at the end of the projectís sequence of pages and with a new, system-defined name. If you cut or copy another page, then the page you originally cut will be emptied from the systemís temporary memory (i.e., deleted).

Cutting and Pasting a Page
  1. With the Work Window displaying the page that you want to cut, select PageCut Page


    Click the Cut Page button: in the Page bar


    Right-click the page and select Page>Cut Page

    A message box will open asking you to confirm that you want to cut the page.

  2. Click the Yes button to close the message box.

    The cut page will disappear from the Work Window.

  3. Select Page>Paste Page


    Click the Paste Page button: in the Page bar


    Right-click on the page displaying in the Work Window and select Page>Paste Page.

    The cut page will reappear as the last page of the project with a new, system-assigned name.

  4. Rename the page using the original page name or any name you like. For more information, see Page Names.

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