Star Objects

Star shapes can make fun and unusual button objects for your web page and are easy to add to your page from the Object menu. The star you initially add to the page is a simple 5-pointed star, 1 pixel in thickness. But you can transform the star into a much different shape using the editing tools in the Work Window. You can also edit the star’s geometry and shading components. (Try filling a larger star with a photo image, as on an old Hollywood marquee!) You can make very ornate extruded shape objects from stars using the Copy and Rotate settings on the Vertex Editor dialog box &endash; be sure to try it out. (For more information, see Transform Object, Geometry Editor Dialog Box, Shading Editor Dialog Box, and Vertex Editor Dialog Box.)

You can customize the Components Bar to show a toolbar button for adding a Star object. For more information, see Customize Toolbar Dialog Box.

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