Relative Paths to Resources

You can publish your web site with relative path references to your resource files. With the Relative Link to files option set, SiteSpinner® Pro will place in the page code a relative directory path from the publish directory to the published location of the resource.

Page code example showing a relative path reference to a resource file.

The Relative Path setting is useful when all of the resources are in directories relative to the published web site and you simply want to update the resources (images, music, etc.) on your web site and not the content. You can transfer (FTP) your resource files to the web server independent of the page files, and as long as you place the resource files in the right subdirectory of the root publish directory, the page files will find them. (The default resource file subdirectories are named “geometry,” “images,” “media,” etc.)

You can view the relative paths to your resource files as they appear in the page code by opening the Code View Window. Click the Show Relative Paths button on the Code View Window toolbar. For more information, see Code View Window.

You can set the Relative Link to files option on the Pages tab of the Publisher dialog box. For more information, see Publisher Dialog Box.

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