Radio Button

Radio button input fields force users to choose one option from a group of options. Radio buttons should always appear in groups of two or, at most, three, where each radio button offers a clear and distinct choice in contrast to the others in the group. Where there are more than three options for a user to choose from among, it is recommended that you use a dropdown list instead of radio buttons. Similarly, where a user can make multiple choices from a group, use checkboxes instead of radio buttons.

One radio button in a group should be checked by default, and the form should be set up to trigger the unchecking of other radio buttons in the group when the user selects one. SiteSpinner® Pro does this automatically when you add a group of radio buttons to a form object. However, if you want to place on the page additional groups of radio buttons that behave independently of one another, you must create separate form objects.

Besides text that identifies the context for each radio button group, you must also add a text label next to each radio button that describes the choice users are committing to when they click it or leave it checked by default.

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