Used in groups, checkbox input fields are used to allow users to select multiple items from a list of choices. Checkboxes work independently of others in the group, and users can select or deselect as many as they desire. An example of a group of checkboxes would include, “Select the ones you want (choose all that apply).”

A single checkbox input lets users accept or not accept a single condition. An example of a common use of a single checkbox would be “Yes, please sign me up for email updates.”

Checkbox input fields added in SiteSpinner® Pro by default are unchecked; however you can make a checkbox checked by default for your end user to either leave checked or to purposely uncheck.

Besides text that identifies the context for each checkbox group, you must also add a text label next to each checkbox that describes the choice users are committing to when they click it or leave it unchecked.

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