Version 2 Rulers

Last week I discussed the existing Page Layout techniques
that are available in Version 1. This week I will continue
the topic with an introduction to the new layout features
that have been added to Version 2. If you did not have a
chance to read last weeks article, it is available at:

One of the first things you will notice when you use Version
2 for the first time, is the addition of Horizontal and
Vertical rulers. These are naturally located along the top
and left sides of the work window and can be turned On or
Off like any other toolbar from within the View menu. As you
move your mouse around the screen, a position indicator will
slide along the rulers so that you can quickly determine the
location of the mouse.

In Version 1, the Align operations are used to align Objects
within a temporary Group. Drag a Bounding Box around two or
more Objects and the align buttons will become highlighted.
If you select an Align button, the Objects within the
temporary Group will align along a common horizontal or
Vertical line.

In Version 2, the value of the rulers is far more apparent
when you wish to align Objects in the work window. This is
achieved by creating tab stops. Click on a ruler and a tab
will appear. Use your mouse to slide the tab to any desired
location and release it. When you select any Object whether
it is in a temporary group or not, the Align buttons will be
available. As you select an Alignment button, the current
Object will snap to the next Tab position. You can add up to
10 Vertical and 10 Horizontal tabs to the Work window. The
current Target Box edges are also considered to be Tab

A button is also included on the Horizontal Ruler above the
Vertical Ruler. This is a shortcut to the Tools Dialog. The
Tools Dialog provides the ability to adjust the Snap Grid
and to enable Tab guidelines. These are green dashed
horizontal and vertical lines that are displayed at each
active Tab Stop.

In addition to displaying the tabs, the rulers will help you
locate your position on the Web Page. As you scroll
horizontally or vertically, the rulers will update their
position so that you can determine your distance from the

I have posted a screen shot with the Rulers and Ruler guides
visible at: is52fig2:

Next week I will continue the introduction to some of the
new features in Version 2 with a description of the Text
Editor, which has undergone some major enhancements.

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