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What Next?

You have studied the tutorials, so where to go next?  We provide several support options for all our products, and there is other support available from external sources.  Please select the most appropriate option from the list below.

Built-in help
Our products have help built in. Often it is context-sensitive -- click a Help button or question mark button, or press function key F1 to get help about the topic at hand.

Online help
SiteSpinner Online Help

Supplementary tutorials
Extra tutorials covering additional material, or covering topics in greater depth than here.
Webmaster's Corner. There is a wealth of information on using SiteSpinner and creating websites in general.
Extra advanced material, relating mainly to using code.

Javascript A large collection of free Javascript special effects that you generally add to your web pages as code objects.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page includes detailed answers to many of the most common questions related to installing and using Virtual Mechanics products.

User forums
the Virtual Mechanics user forums are monitored by Virtual Mechanics staff. There is now an extensive range of questions and answers -- use the "Find" facility built into the forums. Everyone is entitled to register (free of charge) and post any questions related to the use of our products. We will make every effort to ensure that you get a prompt, informative answer.

Registered users
if you are a registered user and experiencing install or operational problems with your software, use our contact form and we will attempt to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

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