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Introduction to Shapes

SiteSpinner allows you to create shapes and lines right on your workpage. Stretch, position, and shade your objects quickly; create outlines and buttons.
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Use the Rectangle tool to create squares, rectangles with and without round corners. Stretch, position, then fill with a color or an image. Use the Vertex Editor to adjust the corners to make rounded buttons.  More on Rectangles.
Rectangle rotated with shading
Use the Ellipse tool to create circles, ellipses, arcs and pie shapes. The Vertex Editor adjusts the start and end points of the arc. When they overlap, an ellipse or circle will be created. When not overlapping, "Open Geometry" will create an arc and "Closed Geometry" will create a pie. More on Ellipses.
Use the Polygon tool to create a series of connected points. Add points  with a few clicks of the mouse. Drag your mouse around in "sketch mode", and a new point will be created whenever the mouse moves beyond a preset distance. Use the Vertex Editor to change the position of any point after you have created it. More on Polygons.
Use the Curve tool to create complex arched shapes. When you select the Curve tool, a point will appear and subsequent mouse clicks set the vertex points. A double click closes the curve. More on Curves.
Vertex Editor and extruder
Create intricate patterns. Use the Vertex Editor to apply rounded corners to rectangles, to convert an Ellipse into a pie shape or arc and to move the control points on a polygon or curve. Use the extruder to
make copies of a starting shape. Each copy can be scaled, moved or rotated from the one before. In this way you can create intricate shapes from a simple starting shape. More on the Vertex Editor.

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