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Pdf files

Sometime you want to provide files on your site that visitors can download. They might be zip files, pdf files or xls files, or indeed any other kind of file you can think of  -- and that your host will accept! In this tutorial, we cover:

Linking to a pdf file
Mention pdf file size
Where does the linked pdf hang out on your site?
Preview the PDF file

The usual way is to provide a link to the file. This can be from inside or outside a text object, from an image or any other kind of object.

In this tutorial we will look at linking to a pdf file called Simple.pdf. Obviously, change the name to match that of your pdf file. The principles here also apply to files of other types.

You could use the http type of link with a full URL to the PDF file like:
But here we'll focus on using the blank link type which is more flexible. 

Linking to a pdf file
The link to the pdf file is a standard blank link from the object, in this example a text object. The link is simply the name of the file to link to, in this case,
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Download Simple.pdf (3K)
What happens to the file at your visitor's computer is entirely up to them. If the Adobe Acrobat Reader (for pdf files) is installed on their computer, then the reader will open, and (we hope!) be nicely integrated with the browser.

If not, they will get a message saying the browser does not know how to handle pdf files  and your visitor will then control what happens to the file.

Mention pdf file size
To help your visitor decide whether to download your file, always mention that it is a pdf file and the file size. As we did in the example above -- not all pdf files are this small!

Where does the linked pdf hang out on your site?
The pdf file is just like any other file, and you can place it where you like on your site (within reason!).  Unfortunately WebDwarf does not gather the file for upload, so you will need to place it on your site by some other means. This may be via Windows FTP
or some third-party FTP program like the free FileZilla.

If you have only a few files, we suggest you place them in your root folder. If you have more, then a separate folder is a tidier option. If you use a folder name such as "Media", then make the link to the file as shown below, and upload the file to the Media folder of your site.

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Link to PDF file in a folder
Preview the PDF file

To preview your page with its PDF file, you need to have the PDF in the relevant folder of your WebDwarf preview folder. This will be a Media folder if you follow the example just above, or directly into your Preview folder alongside the .html file(s). For details, see Preview: Adding Files.
Link to PDF file
To preview in IE8, uncheck the "Mark Preview as Internet Zone" in SiteSpinner Options > Preview Options.