Work Window

The SiteSpinnerô Work Window is the central workspace for building your web site and developing web content. The Work Window is a surface upon which you may place and position objects (such as text, images, titles, etc.) used to create web pages. For more information about pages, see Overview of Pages.

The Work Window appears whenever you launch SiteSpinnerô. A blank page will display inside the Work Window if you launch SiteSpinnerô from the start menu or a desktop shortcut. If you open an existing SiteSpinnerô project or template file (*.ims file), the Work Window will appear displaying the page that was open when you last saved the project file. For more information about SiteSpinner files, see Overview of Projects.

The Work Window offers several aids to help you position objects more precisely on the page. Among them are the X and Y axis Rulers, a Guide Border, a Grid Guide, and a Tab Guide. For more information about these aids, see Layout Tools.

You may also modify or manipulate objects using the various commands and controls available in the menu bar, located at the top of the Work Window, and various toolbars, located by default at the top, at the bottom, and to the left of the Work Window. For more information, see Menus and Toolbars.

The illustration below shows the SiteSpinnerô Work Window and its various elements.

Create or edit each page in your project in the central workspace known as the Work Window.

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