User Guide Design and Organization

This User Guide is designed to serve as a reference for the SiteSpinnerô software application. It addresses the tasks and subtasks that you will complete in the course of designing, creating, and publishing rich web content using SiteSpinnerô.

Chapters of the User Guide are organized to help you quickly find the information you need. Chapters begin with general background or overview material to help you understand the theory or purpose behind a component of SiteSpinnerô (for example, Overview of Projects). Overviews are followed by reference topics mapping the screens, dialog boxes, and/or controls that correspond to the component under discussion (for example, Shading Editor Dialog Box). Finally, step-by-step procedures show you exactly what to do to accomplish particular goals relating to the chapter (for example, Permanent Groups). The User Guide concludes with a detailed glossary of common web design and SiteSpinnerô-related terms.

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