Tip of the Day

Each time you open SiteSpinner™, you will be greeted by the “Tip of the Day” message box. After you have absorbed its timesaving hint, you can either click the Close button to get to work, or you can click the Next Tip button to view another nugget of helpful information (not all of it having to do with SiteSpinner™ or even web page design!).

If you have an active Internet connection, you can click the User Forums button to open a web browser and connect to the Virtual Mechanics User Forum. There you can exchange helpful hints and ideas with others in the SiteSpinner™ user community.

When the message on the “Tip of the Day” is starting to repeat itself, or if it is in the way when you want to start working, click to un-checkmark the Display Tips on Startup option box, and then click the Close button. The “Tip of the Day” message box will no longer appear when you start SiteSpinner™.

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