Resource Files

Almost every web site contains pictures, graphic images, Flash® movies, or other interesting audiovisual design elements. These elements, called “resources”, are not part of the underlying HTML or SVG code that defines the web page. They are standalone files that are referenced in the underlying code. They appear on the web page only when they are called to do so by the page code.

SiteSpinner™ offers three methods for managing resource files in your web project. By far the easiest method is the Gather tool, which consolidates all your resource files, drops them into the appropriate subfolders, and ships them all to the right places on the web server where your page files can find them. However there may be incidences where you will not want SiteSpinner™ to gather or publish your resources files, e.g. when the resource files already exist on the web server. In these cases you can publish your project using Absolute or Relative paths to reference your resource files.

You may set resource file path options on the Pages Tab of the Publisher dialog box. For more information, see Publisher Dialog Box.

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