Rectangle Objects

A rectangle object is perhaps the most versatile object type. You can use it to add page elements such as frames, panels, borders, or boxes. You can create squares, rectangles, or rounded rectangles. Rectangle objects can be made into hyperlink buttons that when clicked allow your visitors to navigate to other web pages.

Because a rectangle object can accept just about any shading component available (except image brightness and contrast), including flat or gradient colors and scaled, stretched, or tiled images, you can make a rectangle look dramatically different than just a plain four-sided box. Don't forget to try applying scaling, skewing, or rotation transformations to your rectangle for even more interesting effects.

Drawing a Rounded Rectangle
  1. With the page open in the Work Window on which you want to draw a rounded rectangle, add a rectangle object. For more information, see New Objects.
  2. Click the Edit Vertices button: in the Components Bar.

    The mouse pointer will become a crosshairs, and the rectangle object will display two small control points at the top left and bottom right corners, each flanked by two tiny "x's".

    The mouse pointer becomes a crosshairs, and the control points become visible.

  3. Click the "x" nearer to the oblong side of the rectangle and drag it in a direction parallel to the oblong side.

    Click and drag an "x" parallel to the oblong side of the rectangle.

  4. About one-third of the way, release the mouse button.

    A small red control point will appear at the release point.

  5. Return your mouse pointer to the same corner.
  6. Click the remaining "x" and drag it in a direction parallel to the short side of the rectangle.

    a rounded corner will be created that connects the two points.

    Click and drag the "x" parallel to the short side of the rectangle.

  7. Click and drag to adjust both control points to achieve the desired effect.
  8. When you are finished, click either the Page Layout or Object Edit button to return to normal edit mode.

    The rounded rectangle object is drawn on the page.

    The rounded rectangle is drawn on the page.

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