Publishing Projects

When you have finished designing your project and are ready to “go live” with it, SiteSpinner™ makes it easy. SiteSpinner™ includes a built-in publisher to round up all your resource files (images, multimedia, etc.) and convert your .IMS project file to web-ready HTML or SVG files. It also has an on-board FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application that you can use to upload your web site to your choice of web hosts.

When you are ready to publish your project, you have the option to publish it to your local hard-drive, so that you can test its functionality and design before going live with it. Or, you can publish it directly to a web server. The SiteSpinner publisher will work with any standard web host. Simply enter your server information; all the necessary and standard upload functions are available.

You can decide if you want to publish all the pages, a range of pages, or a specific page. Do you have multiple web sites with different hosting information? No problem: You can set up and maintain different publishing profiles, each with its own specific publishing settings. Just choose the right profile for a particular web project any time you want to publish it.

Page names in your project will automatically become your published file names, by default. However you can change page file names at publishing time, if you want to. You can even change file extensions from the default *.html or *.svg to *.cgi, *.php, *.asp, or others.

UNIX® servers are case-sensitive while Windows® servers are not. If hyperlinks do not work or image files do not display, check the case of paths and image file names. (UPPER lower CaSe.) We recommend using lower case all the time.

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