Polygon Objects

By adding a polygon object, you can create complex shapes out of a series of connected points. You can add as many points as you like simply with a click of the mouse. Or, you can “sketch” a polygon vector drawing simply by clicking and dragging your mouse around the Work Window, and a new point will be created whenever the mouse moves beyond a preset distance. Then you can use the Vertex Editor to change the position of any point after it has been created.

Change the number of pixels between points on a polygon object by using the Freehand Draw Resolution slider on the Guide/Display Options dialog box. For more information, see Guide/Display Options Dialog Box.

Using the Open End option on either the Vertex Editor or Geometry Editor dialog box, you can automatically close the polygon object or leave it open-ended. If you select to close the polygon, the last point will be automatically connected to the first point.

You can change the color and the thickness of the polygon sides using controls on the Outline Tab of the Geometry Editor. Use the Shading Editor to fill the polygon with a flat or gradient fill color or a scaled, stretched, or tiled image.

You can create the same intricate drawings by applying extrude operations to polygon objects. The types and patterns of designs you can create are limited only by your imagination. For more information, see Curve Objects.

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