New Dictionary Dialog Box

Use the New Dictionary dialog box to specify the attributes of a new user dictionary.

To open the New Dictionary dialog box, click the New File button on the Dictionaries dialog box. For more information, see Dictionaries Dialog Box.

The New Dictionary dialog box allows you to set the attributes of a new user dictionary.

Options on the New Dictionary dialog box include the following:

Field/Control Description
File Name Enter a name of the *.tlx file that will hold the contents of the new dictionary. You may use the Browse button to display a dialog showing the names of other dictionary files.
Browse Click to display the Create Dictionary File dialog box, allowing you to browse the names of other user dictionary files on your system. You may view the names of existing dictionary files or enter the name of the new dictionary file.
Language Select from the drop-down menu the language (e.g., French, English, etc.) of the words your new user dictionary will contain. If the language you want to use is not listed, select “Any.”
OK Click to accept the current settings and exit the dialog box.
Cancel Click to cancel the operation and close the dialog box.
Help Click to open a context-sensitive help topic.

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