Line Objects (Horizontal and Vertical)

Using a line shape object is the easiest way to add straight lines, polylines, hairlines, bounding borders, or other lines to your page. A line object start out as a straight horizontal or vertical line, 100 pixels long and 1 pixel thickness. But using the Geometry Editor, you can quickly increase its length, thickness (stroke), and color. Or you can also use the editing tools in the Work Window to scale, skew, or rotate the line object or move it to a different position on the page. And of course donít forget to try out the unique tools in the Vertex Editor dialog box, to transform your simple line object into a one-of-a-kind ornament. (For more information, see Geometry Editor Dialog Box, Transform Object, and Vertex Editor Dialog Box.)

You can customize the Components Bar to show a toolbar button for adding a Horizontal or Vertical Line object. For more information, see Customize Toolbar Dialog Box.

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