Java Applet

You can embed a Java applet on your page. A Java applet is a small Java program that users can download from your host web server and run on their browser (providing their browser is Java-compatible and enabled). Many simple, “data-input” games are Java applets.

Java applets are cross-platform, meaning that they can run on any type of computer or with any computer operating system. They can modify their display, play sounds, interact with scripts, and open data transfer connections between the web server and the user’s browser.

When you have selected Java applet from the Format drop-down menu on the Foreign Object/Media dialog box, other fields will become enabled. In the Class ID field, enter the name of the Java applet file (usually *.class). In the Codebase field, enter the URL path to the applet file. It is best to enter a relative path (e.g., ../classes/); don’t include http:// or the name of the file itself. In the Parameters fields, enter any required name and value parameters for the applet, such as keywords, datastrings, URLs, or object elements.

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