Delete Object

Deleting an object removes an object from a page and on any other pages on which it has been included. (For more information, see Include Object.) Use the delete command to remove an object entirely from the project.

The delete command differs from the cut command in that the cut operation retains a cut object in temporary memory. For more information, see Cut Object.

The easiest way to delete an object is to select it and press the Delete key.

You can clean your project of unused objects before publishing. For more information, see Clean Components.

Deleting an Object
  1. Select the object you want to delete. For more information, see Select Object.
  2. Press the Delete key


    Right-click and select Delete


    Click the Delete Object button: in the Page Bar (not visible by default)


    Select Edit>Delete.

    The object and all of its unshared components will be removed entirely from the project.

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