Auto Backup

You can save a backup copy of your .IMS project file to the web server when you upload your project. It is always a good idea to back up your work to a remote computer in case of a system failure or hard drive crash on your own computer. This option can also allow you to update your project using a computer that has SiteSpinnerô installed but does not have your project file saved to it. You can connect to the web server and download your project file to edit it.

You can set the Auto Backup option on the Publisher dialog box. SiteSpinnerô will automatically save the project file when you publish your project, and, if you are uploading your web site via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), will copy the project file (*.ims) to your host server.

Auto Backup will back up your .IMS project file but not your images of other media.

Backing Up a Project to the Web Server
  1. With your project open, select Publish>Publish Project, OR press the CTRL+P keyboard shortcut.

    The Publisher dialog box will open. For more information, see Publisher Dialog Box.

  2. On the Profile Tab, click to checkmark the Auto Backup Project File When Publishing option box.
  3. Continue with the publishing operation and upload your web site to the web hostís server. (For more information, see Publishing Remotely.)

    The .IMS project file will uploaded together with the web site to the web server.

The Auto Backup option setting will become a part of the publishing profile you have created for the project. For more information, see Publishing Profiles.

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