Absolute Paths to Resources

You can publish your project with absolute path references to your resource files. With the Absolute Link to Files option set, SiteSpinnerô will place in the page code the full file path (including the drive letter) to all resource files. In other words, SiteSpinnerô will publish your web site and write into the code the same path references as those used in the raw project file. For example, if you added an image object to page that contained an image file in C:\My Documents\My Pictures, that same path would be published in the code for that page.


Page code example showing an absolute path reference to a resource file.

The Absolute Path option is convenient when you are publishing on an intranet were are the files are at fixed locations for everyone who might be viewing the page (e.g., the images are on the computer ImageStorage at file:////ImageStorage/tester/apic.jpeg or are mapped drive at Z:/. This option should not be used if the web site files are to be transferred to another system since the file paths may become invalid.

You can view the absolute paths to your resource files as they appear in the page code by opening the Code View Window. For more information, see Code View Window.

You can set the Absolute Link to files option on the Pages Tab of the Publisher dialog box. For more information, see Publisher Dialog Box.

The Absolute Link to files option is not available when you are uploading your web site to a web host via FTP.

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