SiteSpinner Pro Online Help
Introducing SiteSpinner Pro
    Working With Objects
    Object Manipulation
    Editing Objects
    Object Types
       Rectangle Objects
       Ellipse Objects
       Line Objects (Horizontal and Vertical)
       Triangle Objects
       Star Objects
       Polygon Objects
       Curve Objects
       Image Objects
       Text Objects
          Auto Scroll
          Text Editor Dialog Box (Text Edit Mode)
             File Menu
             Edit Menu
             Insert Menu
             Format Menu
             Tools Menu
             Options Menu
             Help Menu
             Find Dialog Box
             Replace Dialog Box
             Date and Time Dialog Box
             Font Dialog Box
             Check Spelling Dialog Box
             Options and Filters Dialog Box
             Options (Spelling Preferences) Dialog Box
             Dictionaries Dialog Box
             New Dictionary Dialog Box
       Title Objects
       Code Objects
       Table Objects
       Foreign Objects
       Form Input Objects
    Object Effects