Text Editor Dialog Box (Text Edit Mode)

Use the Text Editor to enter and format text to add to a page. After you open the Text Editor, you can choose a font, size, or color for your text, type in your text, click the Save and Close button at the bottom of the Text Editor dialog box, and voila, your text is added to the current page. It’s that simple!

You can open the Text Editor dialog box in Text Edit Mode in any of the following ways:

Use the Text Editor in Text Edit Mode to add text to your page.

At the top of the Text Editor dialog box in Text Edit Mode is a menu bar, offering numerous options to allow you to make your text exactly how you want it. Menus include the following:

Many of the same controls in the menus are also available in the toolbar, which is just below the menu bar in the Text Editor dialog box. Unlike the toolbars in the Work Window, however, the Text Editor toolbar is not undockable.

Another useful feature of the Text Editor dialog box is the Ruler, which you can use to resize the text object box horizontally from its absolute position in the Work Window. Click and drag the margin controller to the left or right to shrink or expand the right boundary of the text object box.

You can maximize the Text Editor, unlike other SiteSpinner® Pro dialog boxes, by clicking the Maximize button at the top right of the dialog box or enlarge it by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner.

Controls at the bottom of the Text Editor dialog box include the following:

Field/Control Description
Save and Close Click to accept the current state of the text in the Text Editor, close the dialog box, and return to the Work Window. The text object will be made available for positioning or transformation in the Work Window.
Cancel Cancels the operation and closes the Text Editor dialog box.

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