Target Copy Options

When you copy and paste a page to add an additional page to your project, all the objects on it are pasted onto the new page just as they appeared on the copied page. By default, they will be completely independent replicas of their copied original objects (i.e., they have target copy options of Copy).

However, before you execute the page copy and paste operation, you can save some editing time later by first assigning target copy options to the objects on the copied page. Depending on which target copy option you choose, any changes to an object can change the attributes of its pasted duplicates or of the original object itself. For more information, see Copy Target Copy Option, Clone Target Copy Option, Include Target Copy Option, and Private Target Copy Option.

An object’s target copy option is provided as a convenience for the page copy and paste operation. It does not affect your ability to otherwise copy, paste, clone, or include the individual object. For more information, see Object Manipulation.

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