Special FX

Mouse-over effects are easy to create. SiteSpinner® Pro allows you to create varied image and object special effects using options from the Special FX menu. These effects can be useful when you are creating games, web-based training or tutorials, or message boxes.

By default an object will always be visible. By toggling the Loading Effects (Special FX>Loading>Hide While Loading or Special FX>Loading>Hide After Loading) or options on or off, you can make a selected object invisible during or after the loading of the page.

You can set an object to respond to the movement of the mouse pointer using the Mouse Over options (Special FX>Mouse Over>Hide on Mouse Over or Special FX>Mouse Over>Hide on Mouse Leave). For example, you could create tooltip descriptions or special instructions that would appear only when the user moves the mouse pointer to a button or control.

You can create relatively complicated mouse trigger effects using the Mouse Trigger Effects dialog box (Special FX>Mouse Effects). You can trigger one object to hide itself and display another object when the user either hovers or clicks the mouse on the trigger object. Or, you can set the trigger object to display an object while remaining visible. You can create group objects and set them either as trigger or display objects. For example, by using a trigger object to show a display object, you can create a popup message or graphic.

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