Reset Transformations

By clicking a single button, you can undo all transformation edits performed on an object. The reset command will undo all scale, skew, and rotation operations.

Use the Reset button on the Transformations tab of the Object Editor or the Object tab of the Quick Properties Editor to undo an object’s transformations.

Removing Transformations
  1. In the Work Window, select the object whose transformations you want to undo.
  2. Press the ALT+O keyboard shortcut


    Click the Object Editor button: in the Align Bar


    Select Object>Object Editor.

    The Object Editor dialog box will open.

  3. Click the Transformations Tab.
  4. Click the Reset button.
  5. Click OK. The dialog box will close, and all move, scale, skew, and rotate edits performed on the object will be undone. The object will be repositioned in the upper left corner of the Work Window.

You can also undo transformations using the Reset button on the Object Tab of the Quick Properties Editor dialog box. Click the button, and then confirm in the message box that you want to reset the object’s transformations.

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