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Use the Profile Tab on the Publisher dialog box to create publishing profiles for your various projects. You may create one profile, for example, to define a path to a local directory on your computer, so that you can publish as files (as CD-ROM publishing, for example) or simply to review locally before publishing. Another profile may open an FTP session on a remote server, so that your project can be published and the uploaded to your web hosting site.

Other settings on the Profile Tab include export destination, publish format, and file maintenance options.

Choose a publishing profile and set other project publishing options using the Profile Tab of the Publisher dialog box.

The Profile Tab on the Publisher dialog box includes the following controls and fields:

Control/Field Description
Profile Name If you are publishing using an existing publishing profile, select the desired profile name from the drop-down menu.

If you are creating a new publishing profile, enter a name in the box. (The default profile name is “Default”) Choose any descriptive name to help you distinguish among different publishing profiles.

Publishing profiles are not project-specific; they are available for you to select when you are publishing any project. Also, each project remembers its profile. So any profile you choose will be used for that project until you change it.
New Click to create a new publishing profile. It will appear in the drop-down box as “Profile2, Profile3, &ldots;”, etc. You may also overwrite a profile name to edit it.
Delete Click to delete the currently selected publishing profile.
Export Destination Click a radio button corresponding to the location to which you are publishing your project. Choose from My Web Host (FTP) or Files on Disk. For more information, see Uploading.
Publish Format Click the radio button corresponding to the type of publish format you want for your published project. Choose either HTML or SVG. For more information, see Publish Formats.
Auto Clean Project File Click to checkmark to search for and clean out unused objects and components prior to publishing. Recommended.
Auto Backup Project File When Publishing Click to checkmark to save the file to the publish location. If you have selected to upload your project to your web host via FTP, your project file (*.ims) but not your images or other media will also be copied to the server. Recommended.
Publish Click to save publishing information, begin publishing the project, and exit the dialog box.
Cancel Click to exit the dialog box without saving publishing information or publishing the project.
Apply Click to save all publishing information without publishing the project or exiting the dialog box.
Help Click to open a context-sensitive help topic.

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