Page Layout

One of the hallmarks of a professionally designed web page is a crisp, neat, orderly page layout. Text and graphical elements arranged in strong, purposeful lines on the page avoid a cluttered look and are more pleasing to the eye. Consistent placement from page to page of visual elements, such as banners and navigational button bars (“nav bars”), helps keep your users from becoming lost in your web site.

With SiteSpinner® Pro, you just drag and drop objects on the page and move them around to where you want them. You can use Tab Guides and the Grid Guide to line them up perfectly, and then you can lock them in place so that they will stay there from page to page. Use the automatic centering option to keep your content always in the viewable area of the browser window. No more page margin settings, and no more guessing.

This section takes a look at the techniques you can use to lay out a project page so that it looks just the way you want it to in the browser window.

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