Image Object Re-Rendering

When you add an image object, it is placed on the page at its original size resolution and in its original image format. For example, if a picture file imported to an image object is 446 x 555 pixels and in the .JPG file format, that’s the size and format in which it will be displayed &endash; or “rendered” &endash; on the page. If you do not make any changes to the image, the original image file is used unchanged.

When you change the image object in any way, such as scaling or anti-aliasing it, SiteSpinner┬« Pro by default creates a copy of &endash; or “re-renders” &endash; the image. In other words, as soon as you preview or publish the page, SiteSpinner┬« Pro takes a snapshot of the image object reflecting your edits and transformations and saves the snapshot with a new name and in a new format (and in a new location). Whenever changes are made &endash; for example, the addition of a shading component &endash; SiteSpinner┬« Pro will re-render the object over again.

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