Certainly one of the unique characteristics of web publishing is the ability to hyperlink web pages together. Just as the old saying goes that “all roads lead to Rome,” all web pages lead to your web page, thanks to the power of hyperlinking.

In SiteSpinner® Pro, you can apply a hyperlink to any object. Or, you can hyperlink selected text in the Text Editor.

You can apply different kinds of hyperlinks. You can link to a remote web site anywhere on the Internet, or you can link to another page in your web site. You can create a link to open the user’s email application to compose and send an email, or you can link to a “ridealong” file that you can upload to your web directory along with your web project. This file can be any kind of document or even an executable. Finally, you can initiate an FTP or Telnet file transfer session.

For easy access, all hyperlinks in your project are maintained by the Link Manager. The Link Manager allows you to maintain the list that is displayed in the URL dropdown list when http:// URL type is chosen. For more information, see Link Manager Dialog Box.

You can set hyperlinks to other pages in your project to work in the Work Window, to help you edit your pages faster. Set the Enable Page Links in Work Window option on the Links Tab of the Object Editor dialog box.

If a hyperlink does not work in the Work Window, check to see if the hyperlinked object is hidden on a Z-order layer behind another object. Press the Shift key while clicking the object to select it, and then click the To Front button in the Align Bar. This will move the object to a superior position in the page’s Z order.

Multiple links on the same object may cause unexpected results and are not recommended. For example, if you have a link on a text object itself and links on the words inside the text object you may see odd results. Likewise a link on a group object and links on the objects inside the group may not do what you expect.

An easy way to assign a hyperlink to an object is to right-click it, and then select Edit Link. The Link Tab of the Quick Properties Editor dialog box will appear.

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