General Plug-In

You can embed a plug-in on a page that also has a multimedia file. A plug-in is a small program that takes over a section of a browser window and displays music, animation, or videos. When a visitor downloads content on your web site that requires a plug-in, the browser opens the plug-in to a specified dimension and location in the browser window and then plays the multimedia file. A plug-in helps ensure that the multimedia file will play in whatever browser your users might be using.

You can add a plug-in to your web site so that users can download the plug-in they need to enjoy the multimedia file. Select General Plug-in from the Format drop-down menu on the Foreign Object/Media dialog box to upload a plug-in to the host’s web server. You may consider adding a text object with instructional text to help your users figure out what to do to install the plug-in.

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