Gathering Resources

SiteSpinner® Pro features a unique resource gathering tool to help keep web resources organized. With the Gather all files option set, SiteSpinner® Pro automatically hunts down and finds all referenced objects (such as images, sound files, etc.) wherever they are on your system or network. When you publish your project, your web resources then are automatically uploaded along with your page files to the appropriate directories on the web server, making sure that the file paths are valid. This means no more missing images on your pages!

By default, SiteSpinner® Pro identifies your resource files by file type and then assigns files of a type to a specific subdirectory of the local publish directory. (The default publish directory on your local computer is &ldots;\Program Files\Virtual Mechanics\SiteSpinner® Pro V2\MySite.) You can change which subdirectories that the various file types are assigned to, or you can change the names of the subdirectories. SiteSpinner® Pro rebuilds the paths to the resources automatically to reflect your new folder names. For more information, see Publisher Sub-Directories Dialog Box.

Since resource files do not include a directory path, the Gather option maintains the integrity of the entire published project when you export or move it to another directory or computer, provided that all resource files that have been gathered are also moved.

You can set the Gather all files option on the Pages Tab of the Publisher dialog box. For more information, see Publisher Dialog Box.

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