Editing Objects

Once you have added objects to a page, you can modify their properties so that they display and behave exactly the way you want them to. In particular, you can edit an object’s transformation matrix, the collection of properties that determines an object’s position, size, skew, and rotation.

Much of the editing you will want to perform can be done using your mouse and keyboard right in the Work Window. With either the Page Layout or Object Edit buttons activated, you can click and drag an object to reposition it on the page. Or, you can use one of the on-screen transformation tools to resize or scale an object or to skew or rotate it to create interesting effects.

Alternately you can edit objects using one of SiteSpinner┬« Pro’s specialized editing tools. The Object Editor offers an extensive object editing interface, whereas the Quick Properties Editor gives you easy access to some of the most commonly used editing operations. Also, if you are working with a shape or vector drawing object, you can use the controls on Vertex Editor to create intricate patterns, such as splines, pie shapes, arcs, or rounded rectangles.

This section discusses methods used to edit objects and examines the tools used to accomplish them.

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