Code Objects

The main reason for Code Objects is to add code for the things that SiteSpinner┬« Pro doesn’t do automatically. That is, if SiteSpinner┬« Pro can’t do something you can put the code in to do it.

A code object is best for the following:

You can insert a file containing the advanced function code into the SiteSpinner® Pro code object. Save and close the code object, and it will appear as a placeholder on your page in the Work Window. But when you open the page in the Preview Window, the browser will interpret the code and support the advanced functionality. This can allow you to add useful elements such as counters, calendars, or forms to your project&ldots;and send you speeding toward the realm of the web developer (and not just web designer)! (For more information, see Code Positioning .)

A code object can be given flat shading and outlines (like text objects), which may be useful for code objects that produces visible objects on the page.

It is often better to place scripts in the head section of your HTML document rather than in the body section. This helps ensure that all code definitions are processed and defined correctly and helps guard against errors. However, if you are using code from another source, be sure to follow any instructions given for placing the code. For more information, see Page Editor Dialog Box.

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