Absolute Positioning

By default, objects will appear to the user in the same positions as they appeared to you in the Work Window. This property is known as Absolute Positioning. When you place an object on the page, and then when you move it around the Work Window, SiteSpinner┬« Pro keeps track of its absolute pixels coordinates. After publishing, the object will appear in the user’s browser window at this exact position regardless of the actual dimensions of the browser window. The effect is that if the browser window is minimized or made smaller, the elements on the displaying page may disappear from view.

Absolute Positioning affords you more control over the appearance of your web page. But it may result in some of your web page being hidden to users whose browser windows are smaller than the target resolution for which you designed your web site.

To assign Absolute Positioning to objects, you needn’t do anything. As mentioned earlier, it is a default setting that is applied to all objects as you add them to your page. If, however, you wish to reassign Absolute Positioning to objects that have been given Relative Positioning or No CSS Positioning, you may do it per object using the Object Editor dialog box or globally using the Project Target Options dialog box. (For more information, see Object Editor Dialog Box and Project Target Options Dialog Box.)

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