Page layout techniques.

IMS Web Engine and IMS Web Spinner are described as Drag and
Drop editors. Drag and Drop allows you to select any Object and
move and scale it with your mouse to any location and size in the
work window. Both programs also provide fine positioning and
alignment control down to the pixel level. This is accomplished
through Toolbars, Dialogs and keyboard operations.

Did you know that a selected Object such as a picture or text can be
nudged into place by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Each
tap of an arrow key will move the Object 1 or 2 pixels in the desired
direction. When scaling an Object with the mouse, hold the Shift
Key to maintain its aspect ratio.

Objects can also be Aligned along any edge or center by selecting
them all into a temporary group. Use the mouse with the left key
pressed to create a bounding box around the desired Objects. When
done, the buttons on the Align Toolbar will be highlighted so that
you can Align them all along the top, bottom, left, right or center
lines. Once aligned, move the Group Object to its approximate
desired position and then use the key arrows for precise positioning.
Selecting outside of the Group Object will remove the temporary
group and leave each member as an independent Object.

The Object Editor also includes Position and Scale dialogs. An
Object's position and size can be entered numerically so that they
will be consistent from Object to Object. If you loose an Object by
moving it off the top or left screens, by scaling it too small or hiding
it behind another Object, you can use the Reset Transforms button in
the Object Editor Options dialog to return it to its default state.

Objects can be moved in Front or Behind each other with the To
Front, To Back, Forward and Back commands in the Arrange menu
or Toolbar. To select an Object that is behind another Object hold
the Shift Key while selecting.

Once you have an Object precisely where you want it, use the Lock
Key to prevent it from being accidentally moved or scaled.

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