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This is the 60th issue of this newsletter. If you are not yet familiar with the
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third topic is for those of you using an IMS product. The User
Question section is intended to try and answer any questions related
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Issue 59 September 13 2000

Additional V2 features Additional features in Version 2

Issue 58 September 6 2000

Behaviors Using Behaviors to control your animation

Issue 57 August 23 2000

SVG in IMS IMS is ideal for SVG.

Issue 56 August 16 2000


Issue 55 August 9 2000

Importing HTML. How to import HTML into your IMS document.

Issue 54 August 2 2000

Adding Links to your Text. Adding tags to your text Objects.

Issue 53 July 19 2000

The Version 2 Text Editor. The new version 2 text editor.

Issue 52 July 12 2000

The Version 2 rulers Page layout aids in Version 2

Issue 51 July 5 2000

Page Layout techniques The Drag and Drop editor.

Issue 50 June 28 2000

The visual Table Editor -Beta IMS Tables!

Issue 49 June 21 2000

Audio, sound and Multi-Media Multi media in IMS.

Issue 48 June 14 2000

The Page Editor Adding meta tags and more.

Issue 47 June 7 2000

Behavior Actions Controlling animation using Behaviors

Issue 46 May 24 2000

Introduction to Behaviors What are Behaviors?

Issue 45 May 17 2000

Importing HTML and Scripts Adding HTML and Scripts in IMS

Issue 44 May 10 2000

Beta Update Version 2 is in development.

Issue 43 May 3 2000

Some useful questions and answers Common IMS questions?

Issue 42 April 26 2000

Adding HTML Link Lists to a text Object Text Objects can support multiple links.

Issue 40 April 19 2000

Naming conventions Naming IMS Objects and components

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