Pop-Up Windows

Last week I published an article on using Javascript in your web
pages. I received quite a few
emails from many of you that
found the script on Password protecting a web page very useful.
Although there are scripts available for doing many fancy things,
there are a few in particular that you may find are generally
useful.  A Pop-Up Window is a good example.

I'm inclined to say "...for those of you that are not familiar with
Pop-Up windows..." and then explain what they are. If you don't
already know what a Pop-Up window is, then this newsletter is
probably your first experience with the Internet. Pop-Up
Windows are everywhere and are more often than not, a major
announce akin to
Spam. There are however, many legitimate
uses for Pop-Up windows. For instance, when you wish to
display additional or ancillary information to the current topic.

I have posted an example at is46fig1.htm . When you click on
"Show me the Script", a window will popup with the JavaScript
code that is used to create the Pop-Up window. The script itself
is pretty simple: